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The project

Água de Cheiro is a beauty brand which is launching the new perfume line #Selfie, now targeting the young audience. For the campaign we developed the storyline concept with a comic book and motion graphic videos.

With 90’s vibes, the story is about a young girl named Julia meeting up her best friends at a cafeteria.

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The Characters

A physical training student who loves sports and hangs out with his best friends. His favorite band is Infected Mushroom.


An architect activist that is always willing to fight for what is right. And she is also searching for good ideas to put on some social projects whose he is a member.


A photographer that loves to use her camera in order to capture moments that are considered special to her.


A young designer who likes to spend most of his time working and hanging out with his closest friends.


An IT lover who cannot live without programming and video game stuff.

Concept Art | Final art
Concept Art | Arte Final

The Comic Book